Don't let the tiny minority of gun owners in South Africa dominate the gun control debate; raise your voice in support of a South Africa free from gun violence.

Support campaigns aimed at reducing gun violence. Click here to read more...

Stop guns in domestic violence

South African women are at risk of becoming victims of gun violence. A national study found that more women were murdered by their husbands or boyfriends (called intimate femicide) than by strangers. Click here to read more...

Stop gun-related suicide

Firearms are used in 14% of suicides in South Africa. While understanding why people commit suicide is important, a growing body of research indicates that how people commit suicide is also important.

Declare your space a Gun Free Zone

The Gun Free Zone (GFZ) project is an important tool to create safe spaces and encourage debate about the dangers of guns and how to defend yourself without a gun.

Do you know someone that shouldn't have a gun?

Raising the voice of gun violence survivors

Almost 20,000 people are shot in South Africa each year but live to tell their story. What are the experiences, rights and needs of gun violence survivors?

A landmark book, Gun Violence, Disability and Recovery, provides the first ever global overview of the rights and needs of survivors of gun violence. eBooks cost R100 each; to order, please email